With Covid-19 safety measures still going on, most of us want to try to make the best of our summer at home. A backyard BBQ is a great way to do just that and to be able to keep some distance still when you have friends and family join you. Want to make it a little more fun and special? Well, here are some fun ideas for summer outdoor BBQ decorations just for you at your main source for party printables and easy party decorations!

Lights On!

Patio lights make your patio look that much better and there are so easy to install. The most common lights we see are the LED string lights that you can purchase from most Home Depots, Canadian Tires, Wayfair, Walmart, Target and even Michaels. Most string lights are simply a plug-in-and-use experience which make them super easy to use. Not only do they present a welcoming environment, but they are also practical for when your party stretches to past sundown.

There’s No Party Without Food

Of course, every party has to have a grand selection of food! Make sure you have your assortment of BBQ goodies including meats, vegetables, salads and finger foods. If you are having a small gathering, it would be easier and simpler to use regular dishes and cutlery, however if you’re in that don’t-feel-like-cleaning mood (especially after too much fun) then consider using disposable cutlery and plates. We love our printable napkin wraps for this purpose because they keep all your cutlery together, and let’s face it, they are too cute. Choose from many different fun designs like some of these:

Pretty Drinks

Summer is all about the cocktails and cold beverages and is a MUST for any BBQ. Paper umbrellas are always a good idea, and patterned paper straws, but you can also try these printable straw flags. They are very to make. Choose from tons of designs, print them out and use double-sided tape to secure it. Don’t forget to add fruit to your cocktails and drinks! Browse our collection of straw flags here that include some of these designs:

Always Stay Hydrated

As great as the cocktails and fancy drinks are, you should always have a good stash of water nearby, especially for those hot, sunny days. The more time you spend outdoors, the more you want to stay hydrated. In my experience, water bottles have always catch guests’ attention. If you happen to be planning a backyard bbq birthday party then you should definitely include our most popular diy birthday party decorations from the Aloha and Ice Cream theme. For our BBQ, try some of these printable water bottle labels!


Photo Opportunities

We are still trying to stay safe and keep our distance with loved ones. That includes limiting the number of guests you have, which in turn means that not everyone will be able to join you. One of the best ways to stay connected is to send photos and video chat! Why not throw in some fun props at the BBQ so you can do just that!? Check our large collection of printable photo signs that are sure to get tons of laughs and smiles.


If that’s not a party, then I don’t know what is. Whether you need summer outdoor BBQ decorations or other ideas, browse our full collection of easy party decorations and other printables!