While we stay at home to do our part in keeping the Covid-19 numbers down, birthday celebrations are still going on – as they should. As a result, people are instead doing drive-by celebrations at the homes of loved ones, making fun signs, sending thoughtful gifts through mail and just plain old being creative. We to help make your quarantine birthday, Covid birthday or iso-birthday a fun one. So, here your quarantine birthday ideas to help celebrate your loved ones’ special day.

Custom Printable Banners

If you only want 1 party decoration that can pretty much do the job of many, then you want a banner. Pick, Print, Party stresses versatility with our printables and that’s why our printable banners are customizable and editable using PDF. This means that you can have the banner say anything you want. This is the time to be creative! Not only are they great for Birthdays, but you can also use them to express how you feel any day of the week. Say “hello” or “thank you” or something we feel lately, “I miss you”.

Photo Signs

If you have sticks, paper, some tape and a printer, you’re good to go to print our photo signs. We have a great selection of birthday-themed ones that require really no time at all! In this time of social distancing, signs have been a method of communication that really brightens up people’s day. Another way to use our signs is to hold them up during those family and friends video chats. Ultimately, birthdays should be filled with laughs, and our signs can provide that.


Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Any birthday is not complete without cake and desserts. Decorate a cake, cupcakes, desserts, appetizers, finger foods, or whatever your stomach desires with our cupcake and dessert wrappers and toppers. Choose a fun theme from our collection or use our classic black and white Words Theme birthday printables. Moreover, this gives you a chance to include the kids in the mix. They can help bake the cupcakes as well as make the toppers and wrappers. These printables are ready-to-print and do not require anything more than paper, tape and toothpicks.

Wine Tags

When the party includes adults who just to kick back a little and have a drink (or two), we have you covered with our printable wine tags. Go the extra mile with a little decoration for your friend, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, or perhaps your pal, Jose Cuervo? Choose from many different designs to complement your other decorations!

Gift Tags

Lastly, if you’re looking to add the last special touch to your loved one’s birthday gift, we have the gift tags you need. It’s not so easy to head to the store to pick up small, non-essential items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own instead. If you have some string or ribbon and paper, you are good to go.

In conclusion, we are going through a difficult and uncertain time at the moment, but it is important to make the best and most of the situation. We hope that these quarantine birthday ideas will help brighten up your time at home a little more. And, always remember that we are distant, but in this together! Stay safe and healthy everyone.