Setting goals doesn’t always have to be at the start of a new year. However, a new year often represents a fresh start – and what better time to have a fresh start than January 1. Setting goals and achieving them can be one of the best feelings you can have. That feeling of accomplishing something you committed to and put much effort and energy into achieving. Here are a few simple tips on setting goals for the new year:

Just Start

The first step in achieving a goal is to decide WHAT your goal is. It can be a big goal or a small goal working towards a bigger one. Is there something you want to change or see different in your career, personal life, health, relationship? Want to lose a few pounds? Adapt a healthier diet? Learn a new language? Whatever it is, decide on that change. Don’t limit yourself to just one goal – think of a few.

Write It Down

The next step is to write your goals down. That’s where we come into play with our useful printable goal setting worksheets. Marie Forleo, career and life coach told me that when you write your goals down, you have a 42% more chance of that goal being achieved! All you have to do is WRITE IT DOWN – simple as that! Keep it in your mind every day. Revisit your goals every morning and keep it in your head so that you don’t forget about it.

Put Into Action

Choose the worksheet that would work best for you and your goals. Whether you have specific goals and deadlines, things you hope to do or accomplish, or have things you want to do more or less of, we have a worksheet for you. You can download yours here. Place this list somewhere you can see it daily. Keep it fresh in your mind and keep working towards achieving these goals. If you have goals that are bigger, try breaking them down into smaller, more achievable ones. Create an actionable plan for each goal. In order to get somewhere, you need to know what direction you are headed.

Have Fun Along the Way

Yes, achieving goals are exciting and give you a great feeling. However, the journey along the way is what you should be cherishing and enjoying the most. Don’t forget!

We wish you all the best this new year!