Do you need some simple DIY Christmas Party Ideas? The Christmas party season is around the corner, so it is always better to be prepared on time. We have some really cool ones to share with you guys. Once you get through all of them, you will be able to make your own party supplies for cheap. And you really don’t have to be an experienced DIY-er for this project. We included some free printables that you will find very helpful. So, make sure that you don’t miss this post!

DIY Christmas Party Ideas For Cupcakes

You don’t need to be good at baking if you want to have the perfectly decorated cupcakes for Christmas. We have one secret trick to share with you guys. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, get some of our free printables. They will help you turn even the simplest cupcakes with white frosting into a stunning festive dessert.

We know that you love these stunning Christmas cupcake toppers! Don’t like to work with frostings and fondant but still want to have the perfect cupcakes? This is the little trick that will save you. Print them, stick on a toothpick, and they are ready to go.

Decorative DIY Napkin Wraps

Napkin wraps will bring the festive vibe to the table. They are one of the must-have DIY Christmas party ideas. And you really don’t have to spend much to make the perfect ones. All you need is a free printable. Within minutes, you can make enough napkin wraps for your guests.

These festive designs will really amaze you. Feel free to get creative and insert one candy cane into each of the wraps. Your guests will love this detail!

Christmas Straw Flags

Before you raise that glass up, make sure that each guest has a straw flag. They will help you customize any kind of cheap plastic straws that you will get at the store. You can even write the names on them. If you would like to get creative and replace the name cards with straw flags with names, check this cute printable.

Creative Candy Cane Name Card

We really love the holiday-inspired name cards. They give a sense of personalization and a feeling that you really appreciate the presence fo each guest. If you are looking for fun designs for your next party, don’t miss this Christmas name card.

Slip one candy cane under each card, and we guarantee that everyone will be happy and pleased!

Christmas-inspired Water Bottle Labels

Customized water bottles are a great addition to any party. With these printables, you can create cute water bottles for everyone. And you won’t have to remind everyone to stay hydrated!

DIY Gift Tag

This DIY gift tag will help you personalize your gifts, or bring fun to the Secret Santa game. You really don’t want to miss these awesome printables that will amaze everyone.

Christmas Wine Tags

No holidays can be celebrated without the booze. If you don’t like the ugly labels on the wine bottles, you can always do a little trick to spruce them up. These wine tags will fit your Christmas party table perfectly. Don’t forget that a decorated bottle of wine can be a good present too!

Did you already found your personal favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!