When Halloween is over, Christmas is kicked into full gear. However, for people who live in the United States, you must not forget about Thanksgiving (and of course, Black Friday!) Although it is healthy to practice gratitude daily, Thanksgiving becomes a more special time to reflect on what you are grateful for, especially when you are surrounded by loved ones and delicious food. If you are hosting a holiday meal, and need some ideas to make it a little more special, then we have the perfect easy Thanksgiving dinner decoration ideas for you.

Personalized Name Cards

After planning many events of all kinds, I realized that when you add a little personalized touch to something, your guests notice and really appreciate it. Name tags are something that is super easy, especially using our editable printables. Name cards are a nice touch for smaller, intimate gatherings, Friendsgivings, or even an event you are organizing at work. With our editable names cards, you can change the fonts, colors, and text however you want. Our free Thanksgiving-themed name cards come in leaves and gingham, but there are no limits to the style you choose for your dinner.

A Thoughtful Activity

A fun activity for the whole family could also be to use one of our flat printable name cards and give one to each family member or guest. Have each person write down something they are thankful for, set aside and find a good time to have them read it aloud. Guests can also keep them as keepsakes since they are printed on lovely patterned paper.

Custom Dinner Menus

Another customizable item are menus that make your guests drool before they get to start grubbing! A menu is not so traditional, so it will add another wow factor to your dinner. Like our name cards, our menus you can download free editable, and customizable to your needs. Again, you have so many design options to choose from. Whether you are traditional. simple and modern, or rustic, there is a style for you. Don’t be afraid to list out ALL of your food items or add a special message to your guests. Let them know that they are in for an awesome, eat-til-it-hurts, put-you-to-sleep meal!

Fun Water Bottles and Beverage Ideas

Water bottle labels are all print-ready – all that is required is you choosing which design you want to use. We have great designs specially designed for Thanksgiving. Take your pick!

THANKSGIVING Printable Water Bottle Label, Digital Download, Colour Leaves THANKSGIVING Printable Water Bottle Label, Digital Download, Gingham THANKSGIVING Printable Water Bottle Label, Digital Download, Words THANKSGIVING Printable Water Bottle Label, Digital Download, Neutral Leaves

Planning out your menu and cooking is the most important part, but let your crafty self shine through!

***Printables are easy and fun for all your special occasions and something you can do at home! You can always go to your nearest FedEx Kinkos, Staples or local print shop to have your decorations printed out, but if you want to make an investment for yourself to print at home, here are some suggestions for you.