Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Celebrate this day Valentine’s Day with easy-to-use printable decorations. This coming February 14th, you want to add a little extra love to your life because you:

  • want to prepare some sweet treats for your child’s classmates
  • are throwing a fabulous party for your loved ones
  • you are a teacher and want to decorate your classroom for the occasion
  • you want to spread the love in the office

Even better, get them all for FREE! I am sharing my picks if you need some ideas for Valentine’s Day. The key is not to be afraid to MIX and MATCH our printables – after all, it’s always more fun. I give you some options from other collections to choose from also.

Children’s Valentines

Pair up your sweet valentine’s cards with some easy sweet treats. Add some cinnamon hearts, chocolates, baked goods or whatever melts your sweet spot. Our treat tags are ready-to-print and need practically no assembly. Here are our top picks!

All-In-One Valentine’s Party Decorations

Our designs are made to be mix and matched so that you can have lots of options for your party. You can choose all your printables from our Valentine’s Day collection or add some other designs. Don’t limit yourself!

The fun of it all is being able to mix and match. We also think these would work well too from some of other collections.

Decorate Your Classroom

Are you a teacher and want to decorate your classroom for Valentine’s Day? Why not get your students involved and make it a craft activity? All of the party printables require only a few steps and supplies and are so easy to assemble. Banners are always fun and probably the center of attention when you walk into a classroom. You can make them as long as you need and they only require scissors, a hole punch and some string! Our full sheet pattern papers are perfect for any extra craft projects. It works like scrapbook paper and you can print what you need. Water Bottle Labels are also a nice addition to add and give away to students. It looks more fancy when it isn’t splashed with Dasani or Nestle labels! Here are my picks!

Consider some other items from different collections that would work well for the classroom also.

Decorate Your Office

Who says work has to be boring? Holidays are the time to shine and brighten up the office with fun decorations. Valentine’s Day has no exception. Spread the love to your coworkers! Here are my picks for the office:

…and of course, don’t be afraid to pick other designs from our other collections!

There you have my picks for Valentine’s Day! Be crafty, have fun and spread the love!